Knowing All About a Time Base Corrector

There are instances when audio and video record produces bad outputs. This is not just about having bad quality images, video clips and audio scores, but signal rates and stability also plays significant roles. Often observed in old records such as those in VHS and S-VHS, such problems can cause significant glitches in the output which could look unpleasant to viewers. Thus, a time base corrector comes in handy.


time base corrector


What is a Time Base Corrector (TBC)?

Time base correctors are internal or external devices that adjust the rate and stability of audio-video signals, with the goal of synchronizing it with other devices in the system to emit signals in a uniform fashion. When all devices in a system release signal on the same rate and at the same time, those signals can reach the video switcher simultaneously for them to be mixed into a good output.

For a simple example, think of an audio-video output that features a talking man. The audio and the video should be played simultaneously, so the words spoken by the man and the movement of his lips would be synchronized. If the audio is delayed, the sound of the words will be delayed. If the rate of the video is slow, the video and audio may begin at the same time but the video will last longer. That is why audio-video professionals always search for the best time base correctors that they could use.

Knowing about Frame Synchronizers

Especially on more advanced audio-visual outputs, a certain type of TBC is used to achieve the best result. This is the frame synchronizer and is used to store signals in a buffer memory before releasing it simultaneously. These frame synchronizers allow the operating professionals to adjust the signals in the frame, so it would be synchronized to all other video equipment in the facility.

Usually, frame synchronizers are used in professional settings, especially in large-scale television and film productions. This is because of the various equipment required to make it work efficiently and yield quality outputs.

Where to Find Time Base Correctors

Television and video production companies require a high-quality and professional time base corrector in their facilities. These types of Time Base Correctors are large enough to require a whole field or room to set up.

However, there are also time base correctors that an average or beginner producer can buy and use. Most multimedia devices such as digital cameras and video players have a built-in time base corrector in it. Stand-alone TBC units are also available but have significantly lesser capacities than the professional type.

Anyone who is interested to produce films using their own household device can purchase a home TBC that they could try. However, regardless of the type and purpose of buying a TBC, expert consultation is important to have the best unit. This is where experts like those in 3D HD Gear comes very useful, and checking out the top TBC at can also help in having the best choice.

Post Author: Alexa Lewis