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Where to Get Best Quality Bird’s Eye View Pictures

Ever watched a movie that starts with a spectacular aerial view over an ocean inside a building and wondered how it was done? If your answer was a resounding yes, then the solution to the question would be professional aerial photography drone equipment and supplies. Not only are these compact yet efficient “flying” cameras able to make even the most difficult camera angle look effortless, but they are easy to set up as well.

Most productions spend thousands on simply setting up booms and pulley systems to get different overhead camera angles. With advanced technology from and top CASA certified pilots not only will one be cutting down on production costs but save a tremendous amount of time in getting the perfect shot? These brilliant professionals utilize 5 main UAVs to provide their clients’ high definition photos and video footage.

The fleet includes the S800 EVO, Phantom2, F450 Custom, S900 Hex and S1000 Octo Copter which is the heavy lifter in the fleet. However, simply owning one of these phenomenal UAVs does not equip one with the necessary skills to be able to do what the crew at Eagle-eye Aerials are able to do. These professionals are highly trained professionals who have years of expertise under their belts and therefore deliver perfectly edited material for both commercial and residential productions.

Several estate agents utilize aerialrone photography d techniques in order to get their clients a better idea of the location and size of properties that they have on offer. The benefit of using these techniques is that prospective buyers can see first-hand the actual size and position of the property. What’s more, not only will these professionals deliver a video of the premises but also provide perfectly aimed photographs that will tell a tale all of their own.

Similarly, top golf clubs will also make use of these aerial photography dronetechniques in order to give prospective members a bird’s eye view of the entire golf course. Just imagine the advantage one could gain by knowing upfront exactly what each hole looks like prior to a golf tournament; it is very doubtful that one will not be able to get a good head start.

One of the most difficult shots to master are the indoor aerial shoots which require not only a steady hand but a competent skilled pilot who has trained to not only get the shot, but also do so in a safe manner that will not put anyone on set in danger. Safety should always be a main concern when operating any UAV around people or in public spaces; the main thing to remember is that they are not toys.

Moreover, there are specific licenses and certifications required in order to operate any of these UAVs and to be certain that a person is hiring a legitimate company; it might be prudent to choose a company such as Eagle-Eye Aerial who can be contacted on ph. 0423 616 440 or alternatively one can email:[email protected] for more in depth information about this new and interesting photography and video technique.