Wimax and the Future of Wireless Internet

Wimax is like your traditional WiFi, only with a higher speed capacity. It is best to get Wimax discount in order to enjoy this technology for less. wimax 激安

About Wimax

Before you think about the Wimax fee, learn about the components first. There are two parts in a Wimax technology: Tower and Receiver. The tower is responsible for providing the coverage within an area. It has the capacity to provide coverage to over 8,000 square kilometers. Meanwhile, the receiver is an antenna or small box that catches the signal from the tower to allow you to connect to a wireless network. Wimax格安

Wimax Model Change

The Wimax technology model varies based on the above components. You can enjoy wireless service through your Wimax via a non-line-of-sight connectivity. An antenna from your computer is responsible for picking up lower-wavelength transmissions that do not get interrupted by physical obstructions.

There is also a line-of-sight kind of wireless service that comes with a fixed dish antenna. This is a more stable kind of connectivity that encounters less error and stronger connectivity.

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Post Author: Alexa Lewis